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Step 1: Sea Service

Go track down every CG-719S (Small Vessel Sea Service form), Sea Service Letter on Company Letterhead, Certificate of Discharge and Active Duty/ Reserve documents (USCG TOSS, Army TOSS, NOAA TOSS, USCG AOPS) of sea service you have earned.

Step 2: Possible Training

Training and tests for renewal all depends on which USCG Licenses you hold and how many sea days you have in the last 5 years.

Step 3: USCG Medical

You need a valid medical certificate for the type of endorsement you are renewing. It must either be an unexpired medical certificate or submit a medical certificate application.

Step 4: Your Old MMC

You want to include a picture of all of the pages with text on them on your current USCG License and attachments.

Step 5: TWIC or Exemption

You need a valid TWIC, have recent evidence of applying or a TWIC exemption memo.

Step 6: Drug Test Document

You need evidence of having passed a chemical test for dangerous drugs, a letter from a marine employer attesting to participation in a random drug testing program, or a letter attesting to pre-employment drug testing. 

Step 7: USCG Fees fees are one of the most common errors made by mariners. If you choose to have Stewart Maritime create a perfect application for you, we will also help you pay all of your fees. OR, you are welcome to figure out on your own.

Step 8: Fill out the CG-719B Form

Print clearly and legibly while listing all of the endorsements you want to renew. Stewart Maritime will create the perfect CG-719B forms and take care of everything for you. 

Step 9: Email to a REC

Submit your application to the nearest USCG Regional Exam Center via email. If you are using us, we can make PERFECT Applications automatically for you, submit them to the USCG and then deal with them in case any issues come up on your behalf.

Step 10: Hire Us To Do It For You

These nine steps may seem a little daunting and we agree. This is why for just $100 Captain Alan Stewart will get your USCG License and renewal paperwork done right for you.

Crystal Salt

Let us Handle the Paperwork for you!

Need to renew, upgrade or get your first USCG Captain license?

No matter if it is your first MMC, your second Upgrade or your fifth Renewal, Captain Alan Stewart can save you the frustration by doing your paperwork correctly for you.

$100.00 + fees

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